Mahogany Bookcases/Fireplace Mantle

Mahogany bookcases with glass doors and fireplace mantle with veneered panels, raised panels, and fluted section.

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White oak bookcases with a built-in look

October 2005

These bookcases act as a divider to separate incoming traffic from the living room. The sides and tops are solid wood with a walnut stain to set them off from the natural color of the oak floor.

The client was going to build them himself until he found out just how hard white oak is and how sharp your machinery has to be to work up a rough board. He came to me with an extravagant amount of beautiful material and a set of plans.

The tops are massive two-inch thick twelve-inch wide boards which were ripped and reglued to stress relieve the material. We added a transition section where the bookcases intersect the walls and column.






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White oak bookcase


I like the simplicity of this bookcase. White oak, with its light tan color and fine grain, has a more refined look than red oak.



I made all the mouldings; the sides are solid; finish is clear lacquer.

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Mahogany breakfront

One board provided enough 1/8" thick veneer to do the entire front of this cabinet.
Drawers are for cd storage. The sides of the upper portion are glass. Carcase is solid mahogany.

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Cherry breakfront

Plain mouldings, door panels veneered with 'french burl', and oiled cherry:

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Craftsman style oak bookcase

Quarter-sawn red oak bookcase. One of a pair to frame a fireplace. Glass panels in shelves and mortice and tenon joinery.

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Painted casework

Standard cases. Interesting detail over the door.

Simple breakfront bookcase.

Window seat with drawers.

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The Tillett library

The painted Tillett library, designed by architect Harlan Hadley, wraps the room. The top shelf and base moulding are the unifying elements.

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