The Nardi Steering Wheel Project

This type of steering wheel was used on many European sports cars from the mid '60s. They don't make them quite like this any more; very thin, elegant. New ones are thick, inelegant.

This particular wheel, a swap meet find in Florida by a Porsche 356 owner, was near death. The back was gone. The front was broken and missing a small section, but the black inlay was all there.

Here the glue has been cleaned off the back, and the remains of the front epoxied. New mahogany is being glued up in small strips around a form.


With the strips glued up to dimension, the sander leveled all.


With both sides flat, the new ring is epoxied to the wheel.


The notches were formed free hand.


Drive it right to California, no problem.


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The fiesta cabinet

The owners of this cabinet are Ron and Kathy Allen. Ron runs an architectural salvage company and is part owner of The Brass Knob, the retail part of his salvage company here in Washington. There is no end to the stuff and challenges these two can come up with.

The mahogany returns on the top and the base are new. The cabinet was originally a department store built-in display case and had some unfinished areas that were covered by wall.

an earlier photo, pre blue wall

out of chaos

THEN there was this idea: take these doors and other bits and put together a tv cabinet:

This is the result:

There is no photo of the original doors, but there were four of them, each with a long panel, a medium panel, and one section with the four small squares. They were cut up, mixed and matched to fit the spaces.
Two of the panels were sacrificed to fabricate the frieze.

The door pulls:

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